Friday, 24 May 2013

8.6 Update in World of Tanks


Yesterday we announced the details of the World of Tanks Supertest 8.6 changes. (You can read through full preliminary update notes

You may be asking yourself, "What the hell does this mean to me"? Not much at the moment. Although we have released some preliminary details, all changes remain in the Super Tester phase, and are still subject to change.

So let's take a look on the most significant parts of this update from my perspective.

First of all, artillery is going through some major changes, the most significant being the fact that they will now be tiered similary to other vehicles and will range from tier II to tier X. Tech Trees in 8.6 will look something like this (sorry for my poor 'Paint' skills -).
Note, that I specifically have not given to much details to research paths, since they are still subject to change:

All in all, SPGs will not play much differently. They are not receiving almost no buffs, while general performance will be decreased. BUT , keep in mind, they will have tighter Tier spread and will improved accuracy due to game mechanics changes.

So the game mechanics changes are the major part of this update. First of all we are changing the way HEAT shells work. So you will see much less OP Derp guns in Tier V and Tier VI.

Secondly, we increase accuracy of
every single gun in the game. To balance this for SPGs, we've slightly increasing depression for them

Thirdly, we are making armor penetration and damage distribution more predictable

Lastly, we are nerfing the bushes camouflage bonus, while significantly buffing the effect of premium camouflage patterns and the camouflage net module- they will now give a decent bonus even to the largest vehicles, like JagdPz E-100.

Many of  these changes are done in order to decrease random factors in the gameplay and give more value to player 'skill'. Overall, you should find the game to be much more predictable now.

We are also making economics changes. And the most important of these changes - we raise income of all Tier V - X vehicles (aside of SPGs, and that's their nerf for 8.6).

And we also giving giving assist bonuses for tracking enemies, which works similar to scouting bonuses. If your allies damage an enemy vehicle while that vehicle is tracked from your shot- you receive additional experience, but not any additional credits.

Also we want to rebalance premium shells prices, so the cost will be based on the improved performance of the shell, and not based on Tier or vehicle type.

Two last really important things, which everybody was waiting for - kill counts from physics interactions and dynamic texture changing. But I will describe this later...

Thank you for reading all of this. Wait for more interesting posts. Ask me questions - I will answer them, and probably make a separate QnA post afterwards.

Best regards,

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