Friday, 24 May 2013

Comments on 8.6 update notes basing on your questions

Hi again!

We decided to release comment on 8.6 update notes, since you've aksed lots of questions. I repost it from forums to blog, slightly changing:

Disabled tracers:
Tracers will be disabled for all vehicles, except for SPGs. This means that tracers from SPGs will still be visible for everyone, just as it currently is in the game. However the area in SPG strategic aiming mode, where tracers of invisible vehicles are shown, has been reduced. To see them you will need to be closer to the point where they originated from. 

During the process we have also removed the tracers of your own shots. But you should not be worried about it too much. We will probably bring it back with the 0.8.6 release, maybe even with the tracers of your allies’ shots. 

This is done to address issues with currently existing modifications of the game, which actually allow to cheat withouth being banned for this. We are planning to make even more protection for tracers, comparing to what we've done a year ago.

Nerf of “HEAT” shells:
As announced previously, this is still planned. A detailed list of the changes will be shared closer to the release date.   

We just want to stop Tier V and VI pwning with derp guns and premium shells. They are too OP currently

100% trained crew for new accounts:
Will be available only for the Tier I tanks that are available with the account creation. This feature will not be applied to any newly purchased Tier I vehicles. 

About the changes in game economy:
The income of all vehicles from the 5th tier to the 10th tier, except SPGs, will be increased. The changes will also be applied to the premium vehicles.
Premium tanks up to the 8th tier will be leveled by the most profitable tier 8 vehicles. The income of less profitable vehicle will be increased. 

About the optimization of the sniper mode view:
Well, this is just a mechanism of reticle stabilization in sniper mode. It helps a lot during aiming on railroads, crushed fences etc. You will be able to fire faster, since you won’t have to wait until the tank stabilizes on this curvy terrain. It’s really useful and after internal tests we decided to implement it. 

New premium tanks:
In 8.6 we will add the long expected Tier V Heavy A33 Excelsior tank. But we won’t add the Sexton, because there will be too many changes for SPGs in the next update and we want to analyze their performance first.  

Actions using in-game physics:
A mechanism was added, which allows determining what bonuses (XP, credits, frag count) will be granted for damaging or killing tanks using physics (pushing into water or from cliffs etc.) and who should receive them.”

This sentence means that there is not only a mechanism, but that this actually works. We will provide you with more details in further patch notes. 

New super-heavy spall liner
USSR: KV-4, KV-5

Germany: GW typ E, Jagdtiger8,8 , Jagdtiger, JagdPz E-100, VK4502 B, Maus, Lowe, E-75, E-100, VK7201

USA: T95, Т110Е3

Britain: Tortoise, FV215b, TOG II*
* If any tank has a spall liner installed, it will be automatically changed to the new super-heavy version, which will be moved to your depot. We’ll move it there first, since the new spall liner weighs 1.5 times more, and may not be compatible with your current vehicle set-up.

New camouflage mechanics
Prior to the update we will release a separate document just about these new mechanics. Stay tuned.

Turret shift for E-100:
Turret on the E-100 will be shifted forward by about 30 cm.


  1. Hi Valter!

    In the past it was possible to just download the the update needed for the testserver. Now one has to DL the whole test client via a webinstaller (personally hate those things).

    Could guys pls bring back the old option - not everyone has 50 MBit internet connection.

    best regards

    Folterknecht [EU]

    1. Hi Folterknecht!

      Unfortunately, it was decided to remove this option, since it requires additional 3-5 days production-testing period. We think that it's better to use this time for sooner global release.

      Best regards,

  2. The release notes on the NA WoT portal says e100 turret is moved forward 10cm, you claim 30cm, which one is true?

    Also, you mention, "...Premium tanks up to the 8th tier will be leveled by the most profitable tier 8 vehicles..." - Does this mean the lower tier premiums will see normalized credit profits, or does this mean tier 8's as well? Ultimately, will my tier 8 prems be making more or less in 8.6?


    1. Hi Zack!

      Initially we wanted to move it on 30cm, but it was decided to stick with 10cm.

      Well, this means that Tier 2-7 premiums will receive some boost, while only some Tier 8 may receive a boost. Anyway, after Public Testing we will release detailed list of changes.

      Best regards,

    2. Fixing my 'Engrussinish' - Tier VIII vehicles will moved to standart' of profit: those of them who were not earning same as other due to, for example, DPM will be taken into consideration for possible buff in 8.6.

      The rest of Premium vehicles income will receive some boost depending on their Tier and current income.