Thursday, 30 May 2013

Tokens, Premium Accounts, World of Warplanes and Account Roaming

Hi all!
Today a United Premium Account was announced for all products. What exactly does this mean?
Well, first of all,by purchasing a premium account in one product, you will have it for all of our products. And do not fear, the price for the Premium Account won't be rising. The only way it may change is in your favor as  discounts and specials, which are introduced from time to time (btw, you can look forward to something really special on 15 years Anniversary of WG, which will take place on 2nd of August).
There is also another very important change, which was almost unnoticed by community, but is very important - the new tokens in World of Warplanes. During Open Beta there will be chance to receive this special game currency which will work as a kind of gold alternative. This tokens may be spent  on purchasing a Premium Account, and it will also work for World of Tanks!
So prepare yourself for World of Warplanes Open Beta!
To our players who have not logged in to WoWP for several month I sincerely recommend you do so. The game is much improved. There are new graphics, controls, flight model, planes, reworked domination regime, modules, consumables.... Lot's of things. And in some upcoming updates, aside of all other crazy and cool stuff, we will introduce crews and achievements. And I'm really looking forward to it (yes, game is currently polished enough to introduce some 'shiny' things).
Tomorrow more information on World of Warplanes will be posted, so stay tuned!
Thanks for reading.
P.S. You asked a lot about server transfer and account roaming... Well I have some information to share. First of all, we do remember about your requests to develop roaming system, so you can play on different servers. But you also should note that it takes time and a lot of work to make it in accordance to system of each server. For example, RU has vehicles and inscriptions, like 'Stalin', which are not available, and are even offensive for EU community. So we need a system, which will replace such inscriptions on something neutral, when you are playing on RU server.
And this is just one small thing we should take in count. But anyway, first tests and implementation of roaming account between servers will be probably done this year.
As for server transfers... Well, we will soon open one for Korean server. If you are from Asian region and wanted to move, you should use your chance!
At the end I would like to thank Yankee, awesome man who helps me a lot proof-reading my mixture of English and Russian!

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