Wednesday, 5 June 2013

8.6 Fate of SuperPershing.

Hi all!

We've gathered your feedback all over the forums in feedback and general discussion threads, noted your opinion in Social Media, including blogs, and even have taken in count popular chat messages! So the decision is.... keep the 8.5 version of SuperPershing in 8.6 update. It probably will remain with 'new' hull on Public Test, but will have 8.5 version at release version.

Currently some discussion is going on how to resolve the historical inaccuracy for this vehicle, but it can be said for sure that we won't offend in any way current or future owners of this tank. And will always listen.

I would like to personally thank everyone for feedback provided.

Stay tuned since more information is coming!


  1. WG has to be really careful in the future when they make premium vehicles. Can't alter them in any way really without rain of tears :)

  2. Would be nice, if you "give us back" the Löwe like it was released ...

  3. Thank you thank you thank you! :)

  4. Thank you for the update

    I am sure everybody is looking forward to 8.7 and Super Pershing remodel with
    a. 3 plate upper front plate
    b. 550-560hp engine
    c. More pen and acc for the gun.

    This would be a bit of a boost, or what you think?


  5. Thank you very much, wise decision.
    If you actually tested SP in training room like I did, you would notice how ruined it become with patch.

    And about your concerns on how to resolve the historical inaccuracy, as long as tank keeps his current in-game characteristics you can model it to look like this ship you have in background :)

    1. Can you give details about the changes?

      I mean could you pen the hull, and if yes, then with what gun (Pen in mm)

      Overall performance, changes to the Spaced armor on the turret?

      Thanks in advance..

      I need to know whether to sell this tank or not.

      I am very disappointed in the news, don't wanna play anymore

  6. whiners got their way, shame on you WG.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. I don't think that feedback should be considered as 'whining'. The change in 8.6 PT #1 was quite... imbalanced.

  7. Dont change T26E4 front visual !!!!

    !!! type 59 is still OverPowered S...T !! type 59 turret VERY hard to pen.