Monday, 10 June 2013

Q'n'A on WoT

Hi all!

As promised, small Q'n'A basing on your comments. And first of all I would like to state that there is no planned buff for Super Pershing penetration! Sorry for misquoting comments, this is my bad and I totally understand it. As for T26E4 changes, we are considering different variants, including some changes to the gun. But there are no firm decisions atm.

The rest is below, due to limited space I will shorten some questions.
Q1: Question regarding premium consumables. Their price on the test server was reduced by 50% to 25 gold / 10000 credits. Will that be implemented? Is it only for extinguisher, repair and 1st aid kits? Or maybe for extinguisher only?
Heard many theories...
A1: We are just testing some specials functionality, nothing more than that. Probably are considering possibility of discount, but currently the price can remain as it is. More details will be available along with final 8.6 update notes.

Q2: 8.7 was confirmed by SerB to bring the Britarty and about 8.8 Zlobny wrote that it will likely bring some American rebalance (while SerB wrote something about yet unannounced vehicles) - skipped - that 8.8 will bring new non-premium American vehicles?
A2: Unlikely there will be any US tree vehicles, but there will be some interesting... 'things', which we will announce later. IMO, it will be quite major

Q3: second German TD line was somewhat confirmed by Storm for Fall 2013, with models being already done. - skipped -  is it possible the tier 10 vehicle of that line features the 150mm L/68 gun?
A3: I cannot comment on the gun selection, but you will like it. It will be an interesting one to play with. 

Q4: Why Firefly development has low priorities?

A4: I would not say it has low priority, we've just have lots of tanks we've promised. That's why we want to finish implementing them first. 

Q5: Slavamakarov recently mentioned garage battles on KWG blog, is there any rough ETA on that, apart from KTTS? Or rather - I assume they won't appear earlier than 2014, right?

A5: I would not expect this game mode this year, unless some internal priorities will change.

Q6: actually, just a thought... I think that the vehicle selection process ("why is tank A accepted for WoT and tank B is not") is one of the most interesting yet mysterious part of WoT development, do you think you could write something on that topic, whenever you feel like of course?

A6: Process involves many specialists, and if they find time to write this along with me, I will post this information.

Q7:Since the T26E4 is a modified Pershing, why does it not possess at least the the Pershing's stock engine (Ford GAN: 560hp), and instead it has the 500hp Ford GAF V8?
A7: I will use quote by Adam Meizner to answer this: 'The Pershing (and the Super Pershing too) historically had the Ford GAF V8 engine, which was rated between 450-500 HP. So it's actually the M26 Pershing that's inaccurate.' 

Q8: 1. When can the SP owner sell the SP for 7200 gold (before it's tweaked or after) and
2. Can the pre patch SP owner tries the rebalanced SP and then sell it for 7200 gold if he doesn't like it?
A8:Possibility of such compensation will be added just after the SP changes, and we will give opportunity to players to try out the new SP.

Q9:1. Could you tell us what are the new bonus values for camo pattern and camo net for each vehicle type? Or will you announce them the moment the patch go live?
2. Will there ever be possibility to but several gold camouflage patterns and change them paying some small fee?
 A9: 1) Camouflage bonus as a result of using camo net and camouflage was multiplied on the camouflage value of the given tank. This resulted in the situation when the tank with good camouflage (i.e. tanks of average size) enjoyed more advantages - for instance, if camouflageof the tank was 30% (relative value) and together with the camo net it made the following 30% * 1.25 = 37.5% - 7.5% difference. At the same time tanks with bad camouflage (i.e. tanks of a big size) this effect was very insignificant. - when the tank had 5% camouflage, together with camo net it made 5% * 1.25 = 6.25% - 1.25% difference. The coefficient from camo net and camouflage itself was equal for all vehicles - 1.25 and 1.05 respectively.

Bonus to camouflage from camo net and camouflage will now (starting from 8.6) be added to the camoflage value of that tank. In other words, camouflage and camo net use will provide a fixed bonus to the vehicle's camouflage, which doesn't depend on tank's parameter but depending on the type of the vehicle. Due to the fact that during summarizing, old camo net and camouflage coefficients (+25% and +5%) would have influenced more - for instance, for the tank with 30%camouflage  and camo net the overall rate would have been 30% + 25% = 55%, their value has been degraded and distinguished by types of vehicles - SPG and HT acquire a small bonus, LT and MT - average bonus, and TDs - a big bonus (the camo net bonus is still bigger than simply a bonus from camouflage - i.e. bonus from camo net for SPGs and HT is greater than bonus from camouflage for TDs).

2)There are a lot of internal discussions about this. Currently everything will remain like it is, but may change in future updates.

Q10: Do you know if there are currently any plans to re-examine premium ammunition prices to ensure that they're all balanced out prior to 8.6 launch, or are the prices final?

And this is the question, with which next Q'n'A will start. Thank you for reading, I hope this will be helpful for you.

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  1. Thanks for the Q'n'A. Lots of good answers.

    AFAIK the German tier 8 light tank RU251 was originally supposed to be introduced with the Aufklärungspanzer Panther, but it was pulled back.

    Can you share some information on the status of the RU251 at the moment? Is it in some way difficult to balance? Any estimate on which patch may we possibly expect it?

    Thank you in advance,

    IsoA - EU

  2. Q7:Since the T26E4 is a modified Pershing, why does it not possess at least the the Pershing's stock engine (Ford GAN: 560hp), and instead it has the 500hp Ford GAF V8?
    A7: I will use quote by Adam Meizner to answer this: 'The Pershing (and the Super Pershing too) historically had the Ford GAF V8 engine, which was rated between 450-500 HP. So it's actually the M26 Pershing that's inaccurate.'"

    .------- Ok, and historically what gun SP had???? with pen 170mm or 200mm??????? It was around 200mm

  3. Hi Vallter!

    Something for your next Q&A or even a seperate post.

    Many long time players of WoT really dislike the +/-25% RNG on damage and penetration, finding it stupid for at least 3 reasons:

    1) it counteracts skill
    2) it is "unhistorical" (10-15% would be more historical)
    3) makes WoT in some situations a game of luck (small number fights; esports 1vs1 ...)

    Thats why it was pretty suprising that you reduced the bullet spread (accuracy buff) with 0.8.6 to such a degree when nobody asked for that, turning tanks like the KV-2 with trollgun into "ok-snipers".

    Could we please get an honest explanaition for that? Why not reduce the RNG on damage and pen to a reasonable level and leaving accuracy as it was??! This also had the benefit of reducing the number of one-shots by arti in case of a penetrating hit ... .

    tinfoil mode enabled:

    +/-25% RNG exists so all kinds of hidden (tweaks to game), tank and server mechanics can be obscured. Furthermore its a measure to encourage noobs to keep playing, granting them the occasional success.

    1. Hi Foltenknecht!

      Damage and penetration extreme cases are also decreased in 8.6.

      best regards,

    2. BTW, it was mentioned here:

    3. Any further infos about tha - a little but vague imo?!

  4. The long wait for the Firefly goes ever on....

  5. Hi, Vallter,

    Thanks again for answering the questions - however, when asking about new camo values for net and "paint" I didn't mean mechanics (as they were described when announcing the patch), I simply meant the exact values for them.

    To see what I mean, you can check my thread on EU forums:
    I've been able to calculate new bonus values to TDs and HTs from some test results posted by RU players.

    As I said previously, the old values were publicly known (1.05 and 1.25), so it would make perfect sense to reveal new ones as well.

    Will WG do that - or has it been decided to move these values to "hidden stats"?


  6. Hi Valter, Thanks for opening up this avenue for those of us who can't use the NA forums. I personally appreciate it since I"ve not been able to comment on the NA forums Since early Feb 2013. Thanks again.

    CO, The Blues & Royals (NA server)