Monday, 3 June 2013

Clan Wars Campaign has started on RU!

Hi all!

Clan Wars Campaigns has started on RU- server today. We've wiped the map and enabled re-division of the world. Since RU-server has 8 prime times, at the moment of posting some clans have already finished battles, while other are still planning where they should land:

Since some land is owned as I write, ratings for Victory Points are also working. Currently they track how well the things are going for this on that clan:

It's just part of a full list available on their page. This will be also introduced on NA, EU and SEA portals as Campaign starts. Overall, page will look much more sexy -

Btw, do you remember that the first day Tier restriction is set to I ? This is quite funny for Top Clans, which at the moment lost more battles than win. And provides funny replays! You can download some of them from wotreplays:
Top clans gets pwned
8vs15, and they still win!
Epic rush or Epic fail?

At 14:00 UTC (2 hours before peak prime time) on RU - 4 866 unique clans have applied for landing with 10 454 applications in total, scheduling battles for more than 150k players all over the global map!

Stay tuned, watch streams, more information will be posted!

P.S. Btw, we've distributed participants medals on RU. They are awesome and you still have chance to get them!

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