Friday, 7 June 2013

New epic trailer

Hi all!

Check out new WoT trailer dedicated to 60 millions of registrations in WoT globally! BTW, you may find some easter egg (new map) in it! -)


  1. 1:13 and some more times, firefly with the cool countershading camo on the gun, is it finally coming then? pls, I want it :D

  2. It is unfortunate that in the trailer does not show what is really .... World of Artillery ...... :)

  3. It's really too bad that the in game play visuals are no where even close to the depicted trailer game visuals.

    The Trailer makes it look awesome where as in real battles it's quite mundane at best.

  4. Fake trailer, full team in open field and none killed by artillery.
    See WG?
    Game shown on trailer = ultra fun and action = no arty
    Actual game = camp and hugging to walls = OP arty

    1. There's already a map very similar to that trailer in game: Province.

      It's horrible :(

      And all trailers are fake. You think the Starcraft CGI trailers look anything like in-game?

    2. Chill out - mate i dont need to hug the walls anyway, because im too fast for them, even in e75. Sooo 8.6 is coming with big steps, we just have to wait. 60% of self-propelled-gun players will cease to exist and they will jump into tanks (probably td's or heavy armored german superheavy tanks)

  5. New World of tanks mode: Zombie tanks. A team of Tigers (humans) must face against endless waves of bot KV-1's coming from the nearby factory. scores based on survival time, kills, dmg, etc.

    [trollface]go play COD.

  6. in video you see tank in warzone,in game you go with tank on picnik :S