Sunday, 9 June 2013

What is planned to be posted?

Hi all!

How are you doing in the start of this week, which will bring us announcement of new Wargaming project on E3 and start of the Campaign on Global Map?

Well, I have great feelings about this, and the following is planned to be posted today-tomorrow.

1)Q'n'A session with James White about World of Warplanes.
2)Report on start of Campaigns in different regions
3)Details on new Wargaming product
4)Some additional information on SPG in 8.6 as continue of Public Test report (probably).
5)WoT Q'n'A based on questions in your comments.

And probably some random material in-between.


  1. "WoT Q'n'A based on questions in your comments."

    Sounds lovely :) Can I have a few questions then, please? :)

    1. You can, but I cannot guarantee that I will answer them all.

    2. Of course, that's no problem at all. Alright, here goes:

      - 8.7 was confirmed by SerB to bring the Britarty and about 8.8 Zlobny wrote that it will likely bring some American rebalance (while SerB wrote something about yet unannounced vehicles). I understand you can't disclose unreleased material, but speaking vaguely: is there a chance (let's say above 1 percent) that 8.8 will bring new non-premium American vehicles?

      - second German TD line was somewhat confirmed by Storm for Fall 2013, with models being already done. Storm also confirmed that the top vehicle (WT E-100) won't feature anything bigger than 200mm gun. Since there are quite a few options left in that case (in order for it not to become a copy of Jpz E-100), just one question about it: is it possible the tier 10 vehicle of that line features the 150mm L/68 gun?

      - when you look at the comments on recent Overlord's blog article by Listy and on EU forums (well, at least that's where I looked), it seems that the Firefly and the Achilles are very desired (with Firefly being one of the iconic vehicles of the war), what led the developers to give it such a low priority, since it's rather desired amongst the players (perhaps as much as the Leopard did)? Why put stuff like British arty in front of that? Or is my impression of it being desired by players simply my "very important opinion"?

      - Slavamakarov recently mentioned garage battles on KWG blog, is there any rough ETA on that, apart from KTTS? Or rather - I assume they won't appear earlier than 2014, right?

      - actually, just a thought... I think that the vehicle selection process ("why is tank A accepted for WoT and tank B is not") is one of the most interesting yet mysterious part of WoT development, do you think you could write something on that topic, whenever you feel like of course?

      Thank you :)

  2. Started to checking your blog regularly. Glad to see you plan to post more content on it.

    Question regarding premium consumables. Their price on the test server was reduced by 50% to 25 gold / 10000 credits. Will that be implemented? Is it only for extinguisher, repair and 1st aid kits? Or maybe for extinguisher only?
    Heard many theories...

    Thanks for your time Vladimir.

    Kind regards,

    1. Hi pokapokami!

      Answered in the Q'n'A post

      Best regards,