Friday, 7 June 2013

8.6 Public Test #2 notes with comments

Hi all!

Public Test #2 has just started. The following changes were implemented in it compared to the first test:


  • Visual and collision models of American T26E4 SuperPershing restored to version 8.5
Just as we've promised and as you asked. Note that it was also removed from the in-game stores. Why it was done and how to achieve SP in future will be described in upcoming post soon.l
  • Added fixes and changes in new 'Sacred Valley' map
Basically, it will become much more playable
  • Decreased profitability of Tier VIII, IX and X SPG's. Averagely parameters differ from 5 to 15 percent depending on the vehicle
We will also test these changes and provide the full list of economic rebalances closer to 8.6 release date.
  •  'Wide Park' map is now available on for Tier IV-VI battles in random
This will fix issue with rather imbalance sides on Top Tiers due to Top vehicles characteristics
  • Greatly reduced 'shaking' in sniper mode per being hit with dynamic camera enabled
Well, I suggest testing it now. It's a very good addition, really.
  • Additional absorption for all types of Spall Liners increased to 20, 25, 30 and 50 percents depending on the type
It's converted in really useful equipment, and I would suggest trying it out. Will help greatly to protect your vehicle
  • Bushes have now 0.8 camouflage bonus compared to version 8.5
It was 0.3 in Test 1
  • Restored rules of bushes camouflage parameter after shooting


  • Added colour correction for 'Sacred Valley' map
  • Reworked and fixed display of dynamic shades, quality improved, amount of glitches have seen major decreased
  • Added different reactions of dynamic camera on hit, which depend on calibre of the enemy shell 
  • With enabled  dynamic camera TD's won't receive additional horizontal stabilization
  • Enabled automatic correction of visual effects quality depending on FPS changes


  • Fixed incorrect destruction effects for some objects
  • Fixed error with tank non-displaying in situations, where it should be for sure scouted and displayed on the screen
Well, that means that basically the most complained issue with invisible tanks was fixed and should be working according to camouflage mechanics. Still, some may complain about it...
  • Fixed and reworked appearance of some objects
  • Fixed incorrect damage models of some objects, which have not been corresponding to their visuals
  • Fixed impossibility to make screenshot after performing Alt+Tab switch
  • Fixed the display of damaged dealt for disabled 'Damage receive' option for killing blows of ally or enemy tanks
  • Fixed the display of inscriptions over ricochet and penetration marks
  • Fixed non-working display of tank highlight during aiming in the SPG mode.
  • Fixed and reworked damage models of vehicles: FV215b (183), Wespe
  • Fixed and reworked visual models of following vehicles:Matilda IV, Sturmpanzer II, Aufklärungspanzer Panther, T57 Heavy Tank, M2 Light Tank, AT 8
  • Fixed the error with long hangar response time
  • Fixed rare CTD cases
  • Fixed some issues in afterbattle statistics


  • Added changes to sound system
  • Rebalanced volume of different tank effects
  • Added new rule for SPG sorting in team lists
Basically, SPGs should now appear in the bottom of the list for their Tier


  1. ty for the info vallter, much appreciated :)

  2. Thank you vallter - it looks good - now off to try it.

  3. Love the Spall Liner buffs, I was already enjoying the 30% for Extra huge spall liner so now that it's...50%? That looks delicious.

    1. Hi Mihammed,

      For me - also.

      best regards,

  4. Good afternoon, Vallter.

    In 8.6, with the price rebalancing of premium shells, several types have been found to have very high pricing for their apparent effectiveness (generally, a high price for small increase in penetration and unchanged damage). This doesn't appear to have changed for test v2.

    Do you know if there are currently any plans to re-examine premium ammunition prices to ensure that they're all balanced out prior to 8.6 launch, or are the prices final?

    1. Hi Septfox,

      I will check this separately, but prices are never final till the go on live server.

      Best regards,

  5. Thank you for taking your time to post this, Vallter - especially since EU team apparently forgot to put it on an official website and I'm still not accustomed to checking NA site often enough to see what news they received faster than us ;)

    Anyway, I have 2 questions regarding camouflage changes:

    1. Could you tell us what are the new bonus values for camo pattern and camo net for each vehicle type? Or will you announce them the moment the patch go live? Old bonus values were public/official so it makes perfect sense to announce the new ones as well.

    2. Since the camo pattern changes are probably intended to encourage players to buy more camo for their tanks, including permanent ones (mind you, I see nothing wrong with that), will you also give us some incentive to buy desert/winter camouflage? Right now they're less useful (almost no desert/winter maps) while having exactly the same price. I'm not talking about any P2W incentive, of course, but (for example): if you buy all 3 permanent camos, the option for a relatively cheap switch between patterns is unlocked - for gold (like 10 g) or credits. Right now if I want to change a permanent camo (for whatever reason, I get bored with it etc.) I need to pay full price again - and that's the reason I don't have any camos now, but with such option (or similar) introduced, I'd instantly buy "complete sets" on at least 4-5 tanks. I'm also pretty sure there are many players who think like me.

    1. Hi Trent!

      1) Invisibility bonus as a result of using camo net and camouflage was multiplied on the invisibility value of the given tank. This resulted in the situation when the tank with good invisibility (i.e. tanks of average size) enjoyed more advantages - for instance, if invisibility of the tank was 30% (relative value) and together with the camo net it made the following 30% * 1.25 = 37.5% - 7.5% difference. At the same time tanks with bad invisibility (i.e. tanks of a big size) this effect was very insignificant. - when the tank had 5% invisibility, together with camo net it made 5% * 1.25 = 6.25% - 1.25% difference. The coefficient from camo net and camouflage itself was equal for all vehicles - 1.25 and 1.05 respectively.

      Bonus to invisibility from camo net and camouflage will now (starting from 8.6) be added to the invisibility value of that tank. In other words, camouflage and camo net use will provide a fixed bonus to the vehicle's invisibility, which doesn't depend on tank's parameter but depending on the type of the vehicle. Due to the fact that during summarizing, old camo net and camouflage coefficients (+25% and +5%) would have influenced more - for instance, for the tank with 30% invisibility and camo net the overall rate would have been 30% + 25% = 55%, their value has been degraded and distinguished by types of vehicles - SPG and HT acquire a small bonus, LT and MT - average bonus, and TDs - a big bonus (the camo net bonus is still bigger than simply a bonus from camouflage - i.e. bonus from camo net for SPGs and HT is greater than bonus from camouflage for TDs).

      2)There are a lot of internal discussions about this. Both systems have pros and cons. Currently everything will remain like it is, but may change in future updates.

      Best regards,

  6. Still no mention of the M37/M7 Priest fiddling in the patch notes.