Wednesday, 5 June 2013

8.6 new automatic functional

Hi all!

I've seen a lot of questions all over the forums regarding the following message on Public Test server:

In this post you may find some explanations to this.

The case is that in 8.6 we enable a new functional for automatic in-game events - 'Missions'. Shortly, these are combat tasks, for completing which players will receive certain award. There are lots of variants for Mission conditions that allow us to create really interesting challenges. In the same time there are a lot of awards, which may be received for completing this missions. In future we will even add some unique things....

You will be able to check them out on the live server in July (most probably). Currently we are just testing the functional on Public Test that's why no specific announcement was made. We want to test as much parts of the functional as possible, that's why missions are quite easy, different, and provide lots of rewards.

I would share more with you, but I cannot atm. Stay tuned and follow our official portals in order to receive more information in future.

Thank you for reading and... What are your thoughts on this?

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  1. would this be different daily/weekly/monthly missions or smth like that? like kill X number of tank Y this week and get this reward?

    Im really interested in what these missions would be, and how hard/easy it will be to do:)

    1. "Im really interested in what these missions would be, and how hard/easy it will be to do:)"

      These missions will be designed for the avg WoT-Player ;-) From that you can conclude at least the how difficult this missions will be. Something along the lines of:

      - turn your turret 360°
      - drive 100 m without drowning or falling of a cliff
      - find the key on your keybord to increase the MM size and press it twice


    2. that is exactly what I was hoping for, because then Im gonna get a lot of free stuffs :D

  2. Very nice Vallter, thank you for all these explanations. Much appreciated.

    A quick offtopic though: what are you exactly responsible for in Wargaming? Mechanics? New vehicles? Can we ask you some things Russian players usually ask SerB and Storm?

    1. Hi Frank!

      I thought that I've covered this question already... Anyway, I will try to make 'About' page one day-)

      So my position is Integration Manager. I help offices all over the world to coordinate with Developers, or in-between themselves. I'm also responsible for whole or part of some global projects like 'Art of War', Clan Wars Campaign and other, which, unfortunately, I cannot share.

      I'm not a producer or game designer, but I influence their decision from time to time in all spheres. Though last word belongs to them.

      But since I ensure information flaws, I can answer some of your questions -)

      Best regards,

    2. Nice, sorry... I tend to forget stuff, it's possible I did read about you but forgot it.

      Either way, what I am really interested are tanks mostly... :) So just a bunch of questions:

      - I just translated another batch of SerB's stuff (he wrote like 2 hours ago) and it seems he's actually pretty sure the Superpershing WILL be nerfed... I really hope your post does reflect the final decision :)

      - just wanted to ask on the EU tree, have the developers found (any) possible tier 10 Polish vehicle? Is the tree being prepared (slowly), or does all the work focus on Japanese?

      - regarding the GW Tiger P, could you please shed some light on the background, why did developers decide to go for (another) WG-made tank instead of some other possible arty candidates? Or were there absolutely no other German vehicles that could somehow fit in, for example some GW Panther variants, or howitzers mounted on 38d chassis?

      - SerB mentioned an "argenitian branch" - did he mean really a branch, or only the Nahuel, or perhaps more Argentinian tanks?

      - is there any (even very vague) idea to implement Israeli/Middle Eastern branch/tree?

      Thank you
      Silentstalker (Frank Davis is a name I just made up because I am IT neanderthal and never figured out how to use nicknames on google account)

    3. 1)As I've said, it won't be changed in 8.6. There is some discussion about his future, we have some decisions and will share them though official portals this Friday. I'm not allowed to give any hints or details, but there is nothing to worry about. Everyone will be more or less happy, even SerB -)

      2)I have no information on this.

      3)We've grinded most of information on it and it's parts in archives, and also think that it fits current German Tree most.

      4)It's distant (not this year) perspective, so any plans can change. That's why I do not think that any additional information on the matter will be useful.

      5)If we decide to do it, it will be part of Pan-European tree or premium vehicles.

      Yes, I know your nickname, blog and have even participated in some internal discussions regarding it -)

    4. Alright, thanks for the additional info, much appreciated. I'd love to know more about the GW Tiger P found in the archives - hmmmm do you think Yuri Pasholok could release that particular piece of info (a blueprint perhaps), as he did with the early Maus projects?

      Hmmmm internal discussions... that sounds... scary :)

    5. Probably, but he has lots other work to do for us first-))

    6. SS: "Hmmmm internal discussions... that sounds... scary :)"

      I think one day Serb personally will pay u a visit ... ;-)


      Would it be possible to change the interface for this blog to english? As far as I see it, its aimed at the players from outside the RU-Server ... and figuring out which button to klick for a reply or to delete a post, when you dont speak russian doesnt make it user friendly imo.


    7. Thank you for the information you can share. Although, having look at what German artillery existed and was built even I am puzzled over the the GW series P, Tiger P and Tiger and E-100.

      Keep up the good work.


    8. @Foltenknecht,

      Sorry, I'm new to this blogging platform (previously used lifejournal). I thought that such system buttons will be automatically translated.

      Anyway, thank you very much for information. I've changed language to English.

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  4. I honestly like this idea. But if the rewards included, for example, a premium M4A2E4 Sherman tank for completing a mission (basically tanks that were never made available to players), even better!

    1. That would be so much more appealing I mean.

    2. Hi Wolcott,

      We will consider addition of some unique prizes, including tanks. But for sure there won't be any CBT, OBT or pre-order vehicles among them.

      Best regards,