Friday, 7 June 2013

Plan for today

Hi all!

As I've promised, there will be more information released today than usual. But it is unlikely that any announcements will be done over the weekend.  (well, at least if I don't decide to stay sober -) )

Today the following will be posted:
1. Public Test #2 update notes with comments from my part (after it is released on Portal)
2. Details on Super Pershing future with some additional comments
3. New trailer with epic graphics ( Possible, no promises)

And now, for your consideration, here is a small bonus from the RU team, who have made this announcement:
- 'Wide Park' map will be tier limited to level 4-6 of battles for random battles. It will still be available for everyone in CW or training rooms. (please, take a look on MM chart in previous posts, to understand, which tanks will get there)

Stay tuned!

Best regards,


  1. Widepark like some other maps should be completly removed and reworked - its totally unbalanced giving the northern team map controll right from the start.

    1. Well, per statistics it happens only in High Tier battles

    2. sorry Vallter only because the avg t5 player with 1K battles never heard of map control, doesnt change the fact that this map isnt balanced and no - it doesnt have anything to do with viewrange.

      Even with arti I have much more battle with 4K damage playing from north than from south.

      I m no map designer but my first attempt to get this map right is to straighten out the railway in the middle and put more undistructable cover on the 9-0 lines.

      ANd only limiting it to t4-7 battles doesnt prevent an "unfair" advantage in company battles or even random battles for those tiers.

    3. @ Folterknecht

      Well, if any additional changes will be required, map will be removed for reworking. But per statistics this will be enough. And yes, we've taken TC and CW battles in consideration.